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Our "Neudorfer Golf Course" is our venerable "old lady": It was built around the Golfodrome in 1992. With a length of 2000 m and a par 32, it can be played in the tournament with a handicap. This part of the facility is public. You do not need a membership in the German Golf Association here. A course licence is sufficient.

Until 1992, wheat and rape were cultivated on the land of the golf course. The small "Neudorf" course got its name from the noble manor estate. The manor house on the idyllic estate directly opposite the golf course is inhabited by the von Buchwaldt family. Former stable and farm buildings have been lovingly converted into apartments with due regard for the protection of historical monuments.

To this day, the Neudorf manor estate is one of the most scenic properties in the country. Its field and forest areas are still used for agriculture. The noble residence can be traced back to the year 1523 as the former property of the Rantzau family. In 1642, the Danish King Christian IV temporarily acquired the estate in order to be able to push ahead with his plans to expand Hohwacht harbour. He soon handed over the property to the wealthy noble family of the Reventlows from Futterkamp, who had the main house of the estate, which is still preserved today, completed in 1703.

The Duchess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel chose Gut Neudorf as her princely widow's residence in 1738 and had two side extensions built, which gave the building the prestigious splendour it deserved. During this time, the young Duchess of Anhalt Zerbst, who would later make history as Catherine the Great of Russia, was a guest here. The von Buchwaldts have been resident in Neudorf since 1761. Detlef von Buchwaldt and his son Caspar shaped the present-day appearance of the manor house. The father had a park laid out according to the English model, as if it had arisen and grown completely naturally without human intervention. The Eichenallee, dating from 1821, and which meanders for a good five kilometres through the estate landscape, also stems from Buchwald's passion for gardening.

Some of the mighty oaks are said to have survived for more than three centuries. Caspar von Buchwaldt brought the manor house, whose roof and tower were recently renovated, into the appearance it has today. Following the specifications of the master builder Karl-Friedrich von Schinkel, he replaced the formerly overhanging extensions with narrow side wings. The Garden Hall, into which all the salons open, still affords a beguiling view of the expanse of the Baltic Sea and the large inland lake.

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