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Golf- & Country Club Hohwachter Bucht e.V.

With around 1200 members, there is certainly no room for boredom at the Golf- & Country Club Hohwachter Bucht e.V. We organise competitive games, club parties, championships and other key events on our rules ... so that everything works out well with your flight partner!

In this section, you will find everything you need to know about our four groups: 

  • Ladies "Mücken"
  • Gentlemen "Keiler"
  • Seniors "Dongos"
  • Young "Hacker"

Our teams also have their place here.

You can get a good impression of our club life by "browsing" through the extensive picture galleries with the reports in the "Clubnews".

You can read the chronicle compiled on the occasion of our 25th anniversary online by clicking on it: "Club Life 1992 - 2017".

It offers ample reading material and shows the interesting development of the club and the course. Enjoy studying these informative pages.

Golf- & Country Club Hohwachter Bucht e.V
Eichenallee 1
24321 Hohwacht

Vereinsregister VR714PL

geschäftsführender Vorstand: Christian Danz (Präsident), Markus Mühlenhardt (Vizepräsident), Ernst Pomplun (Schatzmeister)


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