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In Hohwacht, there is an association of senior citizens (ladies and gentlemen), who have been meeting regularly to play golf for more than 20 years. They play all year round.

A contribution of 3.00 euros per competition day finances the afternoon prizes. The monthly eclectic games have already become a tradition, and the winners are honoured in a special way during the end-of-season dinner. At all other meetings, practice games, fun tournaments or tournaments with a handicap are held, with the award ceremonies taking place in a relaxed atmosphere immediately after the game.

As to what will be played is decided by the group one week in advance.

The group would be very happy to receive many new participants, no matter what their handicap.

You are most welcome.

Register: online, by email or by phone (04381-9690) by 6 p.m. on Tuesdays. Unfortunately, later registrations can no longer be considered.

Uschi Kähler - DonGos Captain

Uschi Kähler
Uschi Kähler


When? Thursdays all year round, start from 11.00 a.m. (meeting 10.30 a.m.)
Hcp-restriktion Members: none At away Games: none
Guests Welcome (from club handicap 54)
Contact person Uschi Kähler
Away trip occasionally

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Thanks to Manfred Bannmann, who always has his camera with him for the DonGos!

Year-end dinner of the DonGos 2021

During November 2021, the DonGos were again able to hold their traditional end-of-year dinner including the award ceremonies for the seasonal Eclectic tournaments. In a large round and in a relaxed, cheerful atmosphere, a successful meal was served by Sascha and his team. We would like to thank them once again for this. Also already for 11 years it is custom that the partners of the DonGos, who do not play golf with us, get their money's worth. Could they nevertheless once again make sure with whom their partners spend the Thursdays, and/or once in the year on a 4-day gulf route are. After dinner the winners of the seasonal Eclectic rounds were honored by Uschi Kähler.

First place in group A men Wolfgang Lamp with 82 gross strokes

In group B Michael Neumann with 91 gross strokes.

In group A ladies Astrid Schröder with 94

In group B Doris Behrens with 93

In group C Gesi Lamp with 121

In the 9-hole players in group B men Manfred Bannmann 50 gross strokes

In group C men Harald Zeidler with 49

In group A ladies Gundel Devulder with 63

Group B ladies Birgitt Kühnel with 46 gross strokes

A special honor, as every year, was given to the seniors, who are 80 years and older. In 2021 there were 10 people who participated regularly and achieved very good results. All DonGos congratulate them with a small gift.

An extra thank you went to Manfred Bannmann for his really good photos, which he made for the DonGos in the course of the year once again and to Doris Behrens for the support of Uschi Kähler, if she could fall back sometimes for appointment reasons on the organization of Doris.

Finally, there was an outlook on the year 2022 and a thank you from the DonGos for the organization of Uschi Kähler for the year 2021.

All in all a very successful late afternoon which ended with the wish for a healthy and eventful golf year 2022.

Text: Uschi Kähler, Photos: Manfred Bannmann

Closing dinner 2020

Due to the pandemic, the DonGos graduation dinner with partners has been moved from 2020 to the summer of 2021.


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