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Top golf coach Paul Dyer's golf school is also called "Paul Dyer Golf". Dyer, who has produced three DVDs and published two books, was also head of Leadbetter Schools in Europe for over 20 years. Now, the time came to take a new direction. "As a coach, I've always been about not just watching my students on the course frequently, but actually working on skills that are real gains on the course."  

In Hohwacht, however, lessons are also taught according to Leadbetter. The Leadbetter Academy's 2-day courses, Leadbetter Weekends, take place on 8 dates in the summer.

The motto is no swing style changes, and the term "swing change" is actually forbidden. "It's a fairy tale, unfortunately," says Dyer, "our brains don't learn movement like a computer, it always has to be associated with an outcome or competence." Playing better golf always means something different. In the concept of the Leadbetter Golf Academy, the training goals are set individually. "Maybe for you, it's just about improving a certain stroke, or maybe it's about improving your handicap". If you want to become better, you basically need competencies that you don't have at the moment. You have to develop these to be able to do something better. The modern golfer has had his share of lessons by now, says Dyer. "No one believes any more that you will really get much better if you just angle more or turn your shoulder. We all have limited practice time per week. I need to do something meaningful and measurable with time to get better in a certain game situation".

The three golf instructors follow a philosophy that is not only exciting, but down-to-earth. They go out on the course with you, identify your problems and create a programme to improve certain skills before going back on the course with you to implement them. Dyer is still active at Leadbetter, as well as on the PGA's coaching team and lectures on tactics and strategy.

About Paul Dyer

DLGA Director

Paul became a golf pro at the age of 19. After two years of professional golf in Europe, his interest and attention was mainly focused on the technique of the golf swing. This resulted in him founding his own training academy. Paul has worked for the David Leadbetter Golf Academy since 1993. Paul has written two books and released three DVDs. He writes for numerous magazines and is a member of the PGA teaching team.

Sebastian Rohrmann is on site for you in Hohwacht

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear members of the Hohwacht Golf Club, 

We are delighted to inform you that our new Fully Qualified PGA Professional Sebastian Rohrmann has been with us since the beginning of February 2020 and is very much looking forward to the new tasks and encounters at our club.

His goal is to inspire and motivate you to develop your potential. Sebastian's wish is as follows: through his fun golf lessons you will improve quickly and consistently to take fewer strokes on the golf course.

He completed his training as a golf instructor at the Oliver Heuler Golf School at the Fleesensee Golf Club. Sebastian has been working intensively with the TrackMan launch monitor for five years now. He was named TrackMan Coach of Month in January 2018. For this purpose, TrackMan conducted an interview with him. If you feel like learning a little more about Sebastian and his golf lessons, we recommend the following interview. (https://blog.trackmangolf.com/coach-month-sebastian-rohrmann/)

Contact details

Sebastian Rohrmann Golf Instructor

  •  - Fully Qualfied Golfprofessional 
  •  - TrackMan Certified Professional 
  •  - DOSB-Trainer A Leistungssport

Mobile: 01744179152 



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