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Our golf instructors follow a philosophy that is not only exciting, but down to earth. They go out on the course with you, identify your problems and create a programme to improve certain skills before going back on the course with you to implement them.

The high-tech analysis should not be missing either. Paul Dyer places a lot of emphasis on the latest technology and the ability to accurately investigate causes and effects with high-speed video or Trackman radar.

45 minutes incl. range balls, technology and all fees.


Paul Dyer 120,00 €
Sebastian Rohrmann 60,00 € (for non-members 70€)



Paul Dyer
Paul Dyer
PGA Master Professional

Paul became a golf pro at the age of 19 in Burnley, England. After two years of professional golf in Europe, his interest and attention was mainly focused on the technique of the golf swing. This resulted in him working for the David Leadbetter Golof Academy, teaching golfers from rank beginners to Ryder Cup players. In 2020, Paul was named one of Golf Digest USA's Top 75 International Golf Teachers. Paul has written three books and released three DVDs.  He writes for numerous magazines and is a member of the PGA Board of Directors and Teaching Team.


PGA Member

Our trainer Sebastian Rohrmann completed his training as a golf instructor at the Fleesensee Golf Club in Oliver Heuler's golf school. He wants to pass on his enthusiasm for golf to his students and ensure that potentials can be developed on the golf course. In January 2018, he was selected as TrackMan Coach of Month.


DOSB C-Trainerin

Kirsten Schwierzke ist zuständig für unsere jüngsten Golftalente und betreut die Bambinis. Ebenfalls zuständig ist Sie für den Erwerb der Platzreife.


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