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Restaurant "eat19"

Welcome to Restaurant "eat19"!

Bringing golf and classic gastronomy into harmony is a major priority for us. For this reason, the chosen name of this restaurant does justice to both sides.

Feel good, enjoy, and be a guest in our restaurant.

We are also there for you for your private or business occasions.
Our team will do everything they can to make sure you enjoy your stay with us and are happy to come back.

However, if you ever have a cause for criticism, we take it very seriously, tell us and not the others. However, if everything has been done to your satisfaction, do go ahead and tell others. 

Here's to a pleasant togetherness.

Your restaurant eat19

Opening hours

daily from 11. o'clock ( kitchen from 12.00 o'clock)

Thank you very much!


Gastronomie "eat19" 
24321 Hohwacht 

Phone: 04381-4148119

Website for more info: www.eat19.de

E-Mail-Adress: reservierung@eat19.de


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