• Eichenallee 1 • 24321 Hohwacht

Our men's group, the Hohwachter Keiler, was founded in April 2001. When we extended our site in 2001, we found that wild boars had their scent in this area and regularly moved across our site to get to the large inland lake. In the meantime, the problem has been solved by a game fence.

Once a month during the golf season – the rush season – the "Top Boar" Willi Alpen organises a game on another course. Northern Germany is then explored by rented bus. Every year, we also go on a larger 3-day golf trip.

Wooden wedge on the terrace

Main wedge Willi Alpen


Wann? Mittwochs, ab 12.30 Uhr
Hcp-restriction Members: none at away games: Hcp 36
Guests Welcome (from Hcp 36)
Contact person Willi Alpen


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