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About Hohwacht Golf Club

The Hohwacht Golf Club extends over a total of 120 hectares and impresses with its location on the large inland lake and its proximity to the Hohwachter Bucht (Baltic Sea). The course has an 18-hole and 9-hole course, as well as the "Golfodrom". Built and designed in 1992, the courses stand out for their wide fairways.

Unique in Schleswig-Holstein, the "Golfodrom" covers a proud 5 hectares and offers 150 teeing grounds from which target greens of different levels of difficulty can be played. The routing around the ring-shaped practice facility makes it possible to individually adapt your tee-off direction to your practice sessions. Furthermore, the premises of the "Paul Dyer Golf" golf school are located there.

The Hohwacht par 73 course with 18 holes is divided into an A and a B round. You can combine it well with the Neudorf C course. With 6000 m, 43 bunkers, island greens and lots of water, the course offers golfing challenges and fun in equal measure.

Neudorfer Golf Course is our venerable "old lady": It was built around the Golfodrome in 1992. With a length of 2000 m and a par 32, it can be played in the tournament with a handicap. This part of the facility is public. You do not need a membership in the German Golf Association here. A course licence is sufficient.

Golf is a great sport! That's why our Golfodrome (the practice facility) offers you a whopping 5 hectares of target greens at varying distances, where you can tee off from 150 places. Thanks to the circular path around the Golfodrome, your golf balls can go up in the air from ever new positions.


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